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Re: Deputies tie body of crosser to hood
Article above appeared in the Arizona Daily Star - 9/14/02 / The letter below went to the Sheriff's Dept, not to the Arizona Daily Star. The letter has not been published in any newspaper.

September 16, 2002

Cochise County Sheriff's Office
205 N. Judd Drive
Bisbee, AZ 85603

To Whom It May Concern,

I was extremely disappointed to read that you felt the need to apologize to anyone for the actions of your deputies in retrieving the remains of an illegal immigrant found in the desert. If anyone should be offering up an apology, it is the Mexican Government and "Human Rights" activist such as Isabel Garcia. This coalition of illegal immigrant cheerleaders are more than happy to offer up these poor souls as human sacrifices in their quest for an "open border" by continuing to encourage Mexican citizens to make the perilous journey to "EL Norte", and blaming it on "first responders", such as your deputies, when they don't survive. Nobody deserves to die "trying to make a better life for themselves".... but.... if you lie down on the railroad tracks to take a nap, you WILL receive the death penalty.... and nobody will blame the locomotive.... ( or will they ??)

As for Chief Deputy Lance Crosthwait's statement that driving with the woman's body on the hood of a vehicle was an "outrageously foolish decision," perhaps he is too young to remember war-time situations, such as Vietnam, where wounded soldiers were regularly removed from the battlefield on the hoods of trucks, on the skids of helicopters.... by whatever means necessary. And as for your "battlefield" down on the border..... there is no room for "political correctness"..... it will get you killed.


Douglas T.
Phoenix, AZ

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