Not long ago, reconquista and open-border Aztlan-cheerleader Isabel Garcia was saying that only LEO's could do citizen's arrests in Arizona. Now she seems to be singing a different tune (see link above). Is it possible that this letter from American Border Patrol forced her to start telling the truth?


Killers, survivors sought in shooting -- Pinal County sheriff's officials have no clue to who killed 2 border crossers Wednesday but believe the gunmen drove off with 9 others.


Tucson Citizen
Oct. 18, 2002


"It's a state statute: No one is allowed to detain another human being unless they are law enforcement," Garcia said. "And if you point a weapon at them when you detain them, it's kidnapping."



Up in Arms at Mexico Border -- A newspaper editor's militia fulfills what he calls his patriotic duty to thwart illegal migrants. Some fear lawsuits or even deaths could result.

By Tom Gorman
Times Staff Writer

December 8 2002


"In this country, we don't allow the military -- or militias -- to enforce civilian laws," she said. Citizens can only make arrests if they witness a felony, or a misdemeanor where immediate action is required to thwart more wrongdoing, she said. Under federal law, crossing the border illegally for the first time is a misdemeanor.

"You can't have civilians taking the law into their own hands and detaining people -- especially if you're in no position to know for sure if a law is broken," she said.

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