[Note: The pro-illegal-immigration Tucson Citizen is running a 3-day series of sob-storied and biased screed about the border situation. We chose not to waste space posting links to it because it's so absurd, but you can find it on the paper's home page if you are interested.]

Wes Bramhall comments on the out-of-control border situation


Suggested methods for solving problem, saving lives

Tucson Citizen
Sept. 17, 2002

The Tucson Citizen will feature the opinions of six Arizonans with an interest in the issue of women and children crossing the border during this three-day series. We will present their possible solutions for reducing deaths in southern Arizona.

Isabel Garcia, immigrant advocate and Tucson lawyer:

We need to come up with a real solution to this ever-increasing problem. We see more of the same: the militarization of the border with personnel, equipment and technology. The border is treated as a war zone, rather than dealing with the real problem at its roots.

The real solution has to deal with the economic situation. Economic development in Mexico is absolutely the key. A lot of people say, "That's not our problem; it's Mexico's." We have a direct impact on what happens in Mexico.

The North American Free Trade Agreement has not only created jobs that do not sustain families, but it also has been responsible for closing small, middle and even large Mexican companies, which has resulted in a net loss of jobs for Mexicans. The investment in Mexico has not come with a corresponding infrastructure to sustain those communities.

We've got to enact reasonable, realistic and humane border policies. Realistically, we have a lot of jobs for Mexicans. That's the reality. We have to legalize those people who are already here and contributing to this country. We have to have a true reform of immigration laws, not more of the same.

Wes Bramhall, president of Arizonans for Immigration Control:

I can't believe these people are bringing kids 1, 2, 3 years old, walking across the desert with them. I just can't believe it.

It costs Tucson Unified School District about $5,500 (per student) a year. I would like to know how many illegals are in Tucson Unified and Sunnyside.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

Look at the medical costs for University Medical Center and Tucson Medical Center. They are paying for these illegal aliens.

Women bring their children into the hospitals and their babies are born there, too.

It's ridiculous. What we need to do is enforce employer sanctions. If there are no jobs, they won't come.

The way it is now, they should put the military on the border to assist the Border Patrol.

The problem exists because our Congress refuses to do anything meaningful.

They know it's wrong. They know it's wrong.