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Isabel Garcia - Taxpayer-funded reconquista


American Patrol,

HMMMM. Let's see if I have my facts right here.

Isabel Garcia works as a full-time Pima County Public Defender? She also works as the Executive Director of Derechos Humanos?

So, our Arizona tax dollars are supporting a full-time public servant who also serves to undermine the very laws she is sworn to uphold.

Apparently, no one in the Pima County government or population has a whiff of her conflict of interest?Well, certainly, not the Democrats and Progressive Liberals who run the county.

You can get that if she held a John Bircher position (or even a Centrist position), she would be crucified in the press.

Unbelievable. And my state tax dollars pay for such nonsense!

Please withhold my name so we don't get any more of the usual harassing phone calls from the Leftist cry babies.

HKS (8 miles north of the border)
McNeal, AZ

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