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Isabel Garcia - Interloper Supreme


Glenn Spencer:

I am a retired Border Patrol Agent that through many years has been a witness for Government Prosecution of many cases involving both narcotics and alien smuggling in the Tucson Sector. On many court trials , Isabel Garcia was the attorney for defense, and enjoyed calling U.S.B.P. Agents liars on factual incidents, and "what if scenarios". Allegations of "framing the client" to discrimination of Hispanics on vehicle stops, a gauntlet of non-professional hostile attitudes was what I and many agents encountered in U.S. courtrooms in years past.

Just reading the American Patrol article today, " They are lying" brought back memories of decades past court defense tactics. One thing I can say about the very outspoken attorney is she is not bashful about telling you where her loyalties reside.

Welcome to Southern Arizona. You're now officially a member of our time honored Liars Club, local, state, and federal officers that have been in the witness chair and integrity questioned under oath by Abogada (lawyer) Garcia.

(Name withheld by AP)

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