Border Tour

(AP) Four members of Arizona's Congressional delegation will fly over the US-Mexico border today (December 5, 2002).

Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain and Congressman Jim Kolbe along with Congressman-elect Raul Grijalva are scheduled to take a helicopter along the border between Arizona and Mexico.

On the ground, the delegation will visit medical facilities in Nogales and Douglas. The tour begins with a discussion at Tucson Medical Center of the cost of medical care for illegal border crossers.

Congressman Kolbe says the senators requested the border tour. Kolbe and Congressman-elect Grijalva were included in part because, once Grijalva is sworn in, they'll represent Arizona's entire southern border. Grijalva says the four may have different ideas on how to solve border issues. But, the congressman-elect says they'll all take a look together at the border crisis.

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