The Border War: Politicians on the wrong side



By: Joe Sansone - 12/10/02

Most probably wouldn't give much thought to the monumental effort involved to raise an army from scratch but throughout history raising armies was a necessity. From Julius Caesar to George Washington, great leaders managed to find a way to assemble the masses.

This is precisely what Chris Simcox the organizer of the "Civil Homeland Defense" is attempting in a desperate attempt to save his country. The former schoolteacher and publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed has organized American patriots into a civilian militia to stop the foreign invasion of illegal aliens crossing the border with Mexico.

While Simcox says he's just trying to get the governor of Arizona to order the National Guard on the border or the president to place the United States military there, his group is willing to defend their country if their government continues to refuse.

So what has been the response from elected government officials?

Arizona Senator John McCain, along with three members of the House of Representatives, Kyl, Kolbe, Grijalva, all went by helicopter to participate in a photo op on the border. Don't do us any favors.

According to Simcox, the government has intimidated ranchers that had requested help from the Civil Homeland Defense by threatening them with land confiscation if any incidents occurred.

Press Reports have quoted congressman Grijalva as saying that in considering border issues today, one of the issues he's going to focus on is investigating the armed citizen patrols forming in Southern Arizona. Instead of applauding these patriots, this lowly politician wants to investigate them.

Arizona's governor elect Janet Napolitano has said, "Working with the federal government we can manage the influx and conditions of undocumented workers". Interesting how the governor of Arizona refers to criminal aliens as "undocumented workers".

Betraying Americans is not limited to this Democratic governor, it was Republican Senator John McCain that once mislead millions of Americans by saying that the United States military was not equipped to protect the border with Mexico on Bill O'reilly's Fox News program after illegal aliens blew up the World Trade Center.

Instead of applauding and aiding the Civil Homeland Defense, these degenerate politicians are thwarting it. Simcox's organization is merely doing what the federal government is required to do and the state governments are supposed to do when the federal government is derelict, protect Americans from a foreign invasion.

The actions of the Civil Homeland Defense are designed to protect the borders of the United States. Their actions could save the lives of millions of Americans. Maybe Tom Ridge and his office of Homeland Defense should take a lesson from this group and leave Americans alone and stop terrorist from entering the country.

A borderless nation is open to all kinds of threats. Shoulder carried surface to air missiles are merely a drop in the bucket. Chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons can easily be smuggled into a nation without borders. More importantly, a nation without borders cannot exist.

This is really the heart of the border war that is beginning in America. It is not a war for the heart and soul of America it is a war for the survival of America.

When push comes to shove the no borders crowd always reveals their true motive by a few simple and redundant arguments. One is that America is a nation of immigrants; the other is that the only true Americans are American Indians.

These are extreme and subversive arguments. The latter can fortunately be discounted since mounting scientific evidence has established that the first Americans were Europeans, but both arguments are essentially stating that the United States does not have a right to exist as an entity. The United States is not legitimate, and is racist merely by its existence which is the result of the theft of land from indigenous peoples, and the United States has an obligation to house world populations is what we are being told.

Most Americans believe that they and their nation have a right to exist. Simcox told me that he recently incorporated the Civil Homeland Defense as a non-profit organization and very shortly will have a web site up and running. The potential to receive online donations from across the country is enormous as is the potential to recruit enormous amounts of recruits to join the Civil Homeland Defense. If this web site is properly run it is not unlikely that a well funded and large civilian army numbering in the thousands could exist in a very sort time.

Simcox's group should be a warning that Americans will defend their nation whether their government likes it or not. Politicians like McCain and Napolitano may find themselves on the wrong side of the border war if they continue to endanger American lives by not protecting the nation's borders.