Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 15:47:19 -0700
Subject: [Fwd: Fake licenses and inaction by the LAPD]

From: Name withheld by American Patrol
Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 15:42:54 -0700
Subject: Fake licenses and inaction by the LAPD

Dear Judd,

I really appreciated your covering this subject! I have known about this for a long, long time. In fact, I have even seen personally the fake green card obtained by a U.S. Congressman!

Are the we, the taxpayers, being ripped off? You bet! Big time!

Why does the LAPD look the other way? Special Order 40 which issued on November 27, 1979 by the Los Angeles Police Department under a directive by the Los Angeles City Council. It forbids the LAPD from arresting someone for being in the country illegally AND it forbids the LAPD from COOPERATING with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

On November 19, 1992, California Attorney General Dan Lungren issued a legal opinion specifically regarding Special Order 40. His conclusion, in brief:

"Due to the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution, a city may not prohibit it officers and employees from cooperating in their official capacities with Immigration and Naturalization Service investigation, detention, or arrest procedures relating to alleged violations of the civil provisions of the federal immigration laws."

You had a caller on the subject, Glenn of Sherman Oaks, who is Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, and his website is If you haven't seen this website, please visit. It is updated many times daily with all the immigration news.

This is a mega-site with several years of immigration-related stories, and you can search! For any topic you want. Go to the Google search logo at the end of the column of buttons on the left.

I did a search on Special Order 40 and these are some of the links that came up:

SPECIAL ORDER 40. "That no officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall cooperate with the Immigration and Naturalization Service...'.

LA City Council Special Order 40 prohibits the LAPD cooperating with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Riordan Lied About Special Order 40. During the 1993 campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles. Glenn Spencer, president Glenn Spencer appeared before the Los Angeles City Council to oppose Special Order 40 - the rule which prohibits the LAPD from cooperating with the INS. His ...

"It's idiotic that you and I, as taxpaying citizens, should pay for law enforcement agencies to fight each other over which laws they should enforce," said Bill King, a former U.S. Border Patrol chief. "There's no sense to it." Every citizen should "enjoy the reasonable expectation that tax-supported law enforcement agencies at every level of government will work closely together," said King. "Special Order 40 precludes the kind of cooperation that would result in the removal of illegal alien gang members."

HERE IS THE TRUTH. LA City Council to revisit Special Order 40. Special Order 40 was issued on November 27, 1979 by the Los Angeles Police Department under a ...

April 12, 2000, the City Council not only reaffirmed and made stronger Special Order 40, but also acted to exclude INS agents from the City jails.

Sheriff Lee Baca on John and Ken Show, June 22, 2000... ... Coalition for Immigration Reform called asking questions about LA's "Special Order 40", a city ordinance prohibiting local law enforcement from cooperating ...

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