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Re: Taking idea of 'illegal' all the way to the bank
(Gordon Dillow - Orange Co. Register - 2/12/02)

Kudos to Dillow

Kudos to Gordon Dillow for his story about Mexican ID cards and the disgusting actions of Bank of America. Our high tech DMV cannot even produce a tamper-proof driver's license, yet law enforcement and banks are accepting an easily forged document that is used only by those here illegally. And in a recent police raid, thousands of blank Mexican Birth Certificates were seized, a document required to apply for a "matricula".

As for the B of A, I have notified them of my dissatisfaction and will seek another banking institution, Until then, I will leave my balance at the minimum requirement. After all, now that B of A has all that illegal alien money flowing in, what do they need with mine!

David K.
Buena Park CA

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